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This is my first event.I hope you all can attend, you are, of course, very invited!

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Today, i decided to give all our users a free tutorial in design a simple theme for oxwall software .

first of all, you should enable DEV_MODE so you can make changes to your theme

go to your oxwall directory at host control panel then go to ow_includes/config.php

in config.php page scroll down to find this line --- define('OW_DEV_MODE', false);--- then change this line to ---define('OW_DEV_MODE', true);--- 

Now let's to start customize any theme via CSS . ( notice: we recommend that any changes made in admin panel not via host control panel to keep your changes when you update the theme )

Go To Admin panel ---> Appearance ---> customize ---> CSS

you will find to fields, one for Exesting css style ( read only ) and another empty field that you will type your modified codes .

Now, go to your live website and right click on any element you want modify ( we recommend to use chrome or firefox browsers ), 

when you click right click choose  Inspect elements from the menu, then css codes will open in small window, if you move the mouse on these codes in this window will highlight the element in your website page, by this way you can know what is this element's code 

copy the element's class or id line and past it in css field in your admin css edit, and start change element's color, background, borders...etc, then save it and refresh your website page to see changes 

repeat this process for all elements you want change 

Próba után a második világháború
után a magyar gazdaság és a szükséges információkat a minisztérium honlapján olvasható <br />
no toolbar to insert photo ... sad, very sad.:((((
tester Oct 11 '15
tester 1
Just seeing how this works & if it can be for private sm
tester 1 Oct 1 '15 · Tags: test post
just it
tester Aug 18 '15 · Tags: sorry
we know after hard search on oxwall store for a theme to fit your site, you didn't find any theme include what is in your mind .

we know too that you are surprised after you found our themes, why ? because you found all what are in your mind,

you found new sign in page, new join page, professional designs, pure codes, full control in admin panel, best animations, and your site will looks like big social websites .

why our themes are the best choice for you ?

when we design new theme first thing that we do, we stand up and look to your site and thinking by the same way that you thinking, then we know what is in your mind, what is your dream for your website, so we start working to make a design as what you want.

why you should to trust us ?

- our themes are compatible with all other plugins .

- we update our themes all times to fit your site needs

- we support for life